The STORY of Mio Pizza...

It all began in 2016. After working as a Youth Worker and running a café in a youth centre for 20 years, local council cuts resulted in me being made redundant. At the same time, my partner (who was also a Youth Worker) was also made redundant. Instead of treating these events as bad luck, we treated them as wonderful opportunities! We'd always had a dream to set up our own street-food business and decided that now was the time to live the dream! 

We are based in East Yorkshire and cater for the North of England and beyond and our aim is provide mouth-watering traditional Neapolitan wood fired pizzas. We love our new life, travelling to festivals, weddings, markets and parties, and more than anything, we love making pizzas and meeting new people. All of our pizzas are made using 00 grade Caputo flour and the finest Italian ingredients. We always prove our dough for at least 24 hours which really develops it's texture and flavour.


All our pizzas are wood-fired in one of our bespoke built clay ovens. These ovens reach the whopping temperature of 450°! After 90 seconds you are served with absolutely amazing mouth watering pizza. It's all so simple...but oh, so delicious!